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Re-defining Ownership
of Art.

ArtRino aims to disrupt the market by creating an ecosystem where ownership, profit and decision making capacity of and for the Art & Cure is distributed and shared.

A new way to own

We at ArtRino, believe that all the great Masterpieces should not be owned, bought, sold or stored in vaults between chaebols and financial firms. The freedom to access Art should be made available to the community.

ArtRino Token is the native token to access the ecosystem and also serves as the MOM token which will give birth to Art Stock Tokens from time to time.
The ArtRino Token is listed on Pancake Swap and we are expanding our presence rapidly.


The MOM Token

The World Digital Art Fair aims to contribute towards the development of digital art industry by forming a desirable digital art market, fairly evaluating digital (art) works and introducing them to a large number of spectators and collectors through a digital showcase event.

Art liberated from the chains of capital.
Musicians, artists, and influencers register their value as stocks and issue corresponding security tokens, creating their own unique ecosystems

Musicians, artists, and influencers issue fan tokens under their own names, building unique ecosystems with their fans. Each artist's ecosystem unites within the ArtRino ecosystem, forming an ArtRino kingdom.

Why the name ArtRino?

The Name ArtRino is inspired from Florino, which was Europe's first gold coin used in the city of Florence and was used for art trade. We embody the spirit of art & trade and aim to disrupt the norms which limit the access to a few rich families and institutions behind closed doors. We believe, everyone should have access to the masterpieces from the greatest and best artists in the world without any bias.

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