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ArtRino Token

ArtRino is the utility token implemented as a BEP-20 Token on the Binance Smart Chain and can be traded on Pancake Swap, BitMart and We are expanding our reach and presence and other CEX and DEX will be added to the list shortly.

ArtRino native token is a revenue-sharing Virtual Financial Asset (VFA), which is currently based on Binance Smart Chain ecosystem (BSC). The basic attributes are complied with the above ecosystems. ArtRino can be swapped with any of the BEP 20 Tokens on CEX and DEX that it is listed. The token serves as the means of transactions, profit sharing, stock token trades, liquidity mining, early access to events hosted by ArtRino and many other activities in the ecosystem apart from market token appreciation.

ArtRino Tokent Contract Address : 0xFb2F0041441Ed3b96a0972a7f2668F3CbCaC7AAA
ArtRino Token Total Supply : 1,000,000,000

ArtRino as a MOM Token

ArtRino is all about redefining ownership and our approach to that is by providing shared ownership, profits and decision making power by using Art Stock Tokens.
Art Stock Tokens will be created and deployed on Pancake Swap and be available as a trade pair only with ArtRino which in turn is tradable with any BEP20 token.
ArtRino Token will act as a MOM Token producing several Child Tokens (Art Stock Tokens) for artists and their artwork (Find more about out our latest Art Stock Token here.

ArtRino - ICO and Allocation

ArtRino token offering will be done in two phases as below :

  • Private token sale, estimated to take place until the end of Aug 2021, where 10% of tokens are planned to be sold and investors will benefit from a bonus of 10% free tokens. The price on this stage will be determined by the agreement or contract of the investors and team


  • Public sale beginning on 1st Sep 2021. ArtRino tokens will be sold on decentralized exchange platform Pancake Swap. Please note that in this phase, It is not necessary to do KYC and AML.

The token allocation will be done as per the following Pie chart.





ArtRino Users and
Community Dvelopment.


Marketing & Technology

Founders and Core Team
(1 year LockIn)

ArtRino Token Allocation Chart

ArtRino Token is an integral part of the whole ecosystem. Our mission does not stop at creating a Marketplace and environment for Art Stock Trading and redefining Ownership. We aim higher and to continuously evolve.
Check out more about our future plans in our 

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