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Art has been an integral part of our history and so has been the fight for ownership of masterpieces. The collectors have been a part of this war and made it even more popular. Generations changed, methods changed, mediums changed, but the one fact that did not change was that World-class masterpieces are bought, sold, and stored in vaults between chaebols and financial firms and used as a status symbol.


Art as an asset has remained behind closed doors and in the hands of powerful institutions for very long but NOW is the time to change it. The time calls for action and We are here to deliver. Due to the nature of auctions and sales, the access has always been limited but has been desired by many for a long period of time. The doors need to open and Blockchain has made opening of the doors 100x easier and achievable.


ArtRino aims to disrupt the market by creating an ecosystem where ownership, profit and decision making capacity of and for the Art is distributed and shared. We at ArtRino, believe that all the great Masterpieces should not be owned, bought, sold or stored in vaults between chaebols and financial firms. The freedom to access Art should be made available to the community. 

We have a very strong belief system and intend to follow along the lines of CPF.

Commercialization of Exclusive Money for Artwork.

Popularization of Art Distribution and Investment.

Fairness of Artist Appearance Opportunities.

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ArtRino is a nonprofit foundation that protects the rights and welfare of artists around the world. Based on Blockchain technology, It is developing art trading platforms and commercializing platforms to manage art exchanges and subsidiary businesses. ArtRino is located in Vincent & The Grenadines, and its management and technical teams were founded by a coalition of members from various countries including China, United Kingdom, USA and Korea.


Augustin Jiang

10+ years experiences in art exchange.

5+ years experiences in blockchain industry.

World Digital Art Fair - Chairman

International Security Token Association -

Secretary general

Founder&Ceo - ArtRino corp.

Jackson Hoo

10+ years experiences in product design.

5+ years experiences in blockchain industry.

China Sursen Co.,Ltd /Chief Product Official

Co-founder - ArtRino corp.

MS, Software Engineering, Singapore Management University.

EY Black

20+ years experience in new business development & Investment strategy.

10+ years experience from financial institute : Head of investment advisory for global Investor 
10+ years experience at Rockefeller's global investment advisory service.

3+ years experience as adjunct professor of global Marketing & Investment Strategy.


Heo Wu

6+ years experiences in smart contract design.

China Sursen Co.,Ltd / Chief smart contract Engineer. Graduated from Wuhan Technology University.

Dan Han

6+ years experiences in backend development.

3+ years experiences in blockchain development.

China AiXueTang Co.,Ltd / CTO.

Graduated from Wuhan University.

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