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ArtStock Token

Art as an asset has remained behind closed doors and in the hands of powerful institutions for very long but we are here to change it. 

Art has been an integral part of our history and so has been the fight for ownership of masterpieces. The collectors have been a part of this war and made it even more popular. Generations changed, methods changed, mediums changed, but the one fact that did not change was that World-class masterpieces are bought, sold, and stored in vaults between chaebols and financial firms and used as a status symbol.

ArtRino aims revolutionize the market by creating an ecosystem where ownership, profit and decision making capacity of and for the Art is distributed and shared. 

That's where ArtStock Token comes into picture. ArtStock Token aims to diversify and distribute the ownership of an art and in turn make the profits and decision making process decentralized with the help of Blockchain.

The first step is categorization of work into Digital and Physical art and then move on to the next steps as shown below.

ArtStock Tokens are listed on Pancake Swap and can be traded in pair only with ArtRino Token. ArtStock Tokens are the Child tokens and can not be directly traded with other pairs. We are working on creating a separate Art Stock Exchange to make the whole process smooth and seamless. For now, the facility is available via Pancake Swap and the ArtStock Tokens in the ArtRino ecosystem are : Art1Keran, Art2Guluo and more upcoming.

Art1Keran Token Contract Address : 0xBE7630c965282a83dB9dbA4Ba824726CBC556868
Art2Guluo Token Contract Address : 0xEd3c8DCBC6Df3d7F8Adb7db27fCAfae1987EbD78

To know more about the ArtStock Tokens Visit our 

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