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Art Bank

Art Bank is a new offering from the ArtRino Corp. which is responsible for handling the art rental and selling services.

As of current plan ( which might change in the future) We plan that there will be 200 different entities under ArtRino Corp.
30 entities will perform the role of art dealing and 170 will perform the job of art rental service by country.

The art dealing entities are art1keran, art2guluo, art3**, art4**, art5* etc. Art rental service entities will be by country like Art Bank Seoul (ABS), Art Bank America (ABA), Art Bank France (ABF), Art Bank England (ABE) etc.

Art dealer entities will purchase art and provide them to art rental entities for renting. 
Each of the 200 child entities will have their own tokens and conducts business as independent financial instruments.

Profits will be distributed to token holders at the end of the year, and companies with high year-end dividends will see their token prices rise. 

All announced ArtStock Tokens are listed on PancakeSwap and can be swapped with ArtRino.
ArtRino Exchange will be open in 2024 and all ArtStock tokens will be listed on ArtRino Exchange.

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