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We at ArtRino Corp strongly believe in the ideology we promote, the ideology of revolutionizing the ownership of masterpieces and art. But we are not just limited to that, We want to shake the art distribution market by :

  • Creating a fluid and seamless market for globalization of Art Masterpieces.

  • Making ArtRino token the currency for easy cross border art transactions.

  • Eliminate the borders of art trade and evolve into a system that is valued by the public by artistry, not biased towards specific states.

The road that lies ahead of us will be full of opportunities and hurdles alike but nothing is going to stop us from getting what we aim for. We are currently live on Pancake Swap with ArtRino Token and Art2Guluo Token over BEP20. We will lay out our plan and next steps, our aim and vision below for you to have a clear understanding of us. We will launch the ERC 20 version of ArtRino Token too.

First World Digital Art Fair -2022
  • The World Digital Art Fair aims to contribute towards the development of digital art industry by forming a desirable digital art market, fairly evaluating digital (art) works and introducing them to a large number of spectators and collectors through a digital showcase event.

  • We have several prize categories and a prize pool of over $200,000 distributed amongst winners and voters. The evaluation will be conducted out by the voters and a panel of judges.

World Art Competition
  • Through fair competition, the World Art Competition aims to expand opportunities for artists around the world to emerge, and to lead innovation in art distribution by conducting art transactions on the ArtRino platform. The World Art Competition is operated by artists, art investors, and art lovers in a system in which art lovers use ArtRino tokens to trade art stocks of art exhibition participants and reflect transaction results in art exhibition reviews.

ArtRino Tax Free Zone
  • ArtRino Corp. is based out of St. Vincent & the Grenadines. The entire island will discuss with the government the exemption of art tariffs and transfer taxes to create the ArtRino bonded area. ArtRino Tax-free zone will attract world-class auction companies and galleries.

ArtRino Auctions
  • The ArtRino Auction will be held in the form of an open recruitment over a period of time, and small investors can participate in the competition by dividing the shares of the artwork. Public recruitment takes place online on the ArtRino Exchange platform. At the end of the open recruitment, transactions are made between individuals in the form of stock trading.

ArtRino Bank
  • We will establish ArtRino Bank by country and carry out rental business of works listed in ArtRino, and distribute profits to art stockholders every year.

ArtRino Insurance
  • Artists with ArtRino insurance can enjoy lifelong benefits.​

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