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Art1Keran is an ArtStock Token to purchase and trade physical art from Korea, Europe, Russia, America and Nippon (Japan).
Art1Keran will be purchasing, trading and renting physical art from the top, famous and renowned artists from these countries and re-ignite the fuel of art by re-defining ownership of art using the power of ArtRino and its ecosystem.


Art1Keran Stats

Total Supply : 28,000,000
Listing Price : $1
Listing Date : 1 July 2022

Pre Sale Supply : 100,000
Pre sale Price : $0.77
Pre sale Date : 18 June 2022 - 30 June 2022

Platform : Pancake Swap
Token Contract Address (BSCScan) : 0xBE7630c965282a83dB9dbA4Ba824726CBC556868


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